TempTale Manager® Desktop

This robust, multi-lingual, Windows®-based software application is used for configuring, downloading, displaying, reporting and archiving time-and-temperature data collected from all TempTale®4 temperature and humidity monitors. The intuitive user interface allows users to easily retrieve, display and analyze trip data to make more informed shipment disposition decisions and ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are delivering acceptable results.

  • Extensive multi-language support and powerful data export and transfer options enable users to share data globally with remote locations and business partners. 
  • Draw objects and add annotations to graphs to provide additional information about a trip or temperature excursion. 
  • Overlay graphs from multiple monitors onto a single graph for simple, easy comparative analysis. 
  • Summary View automatically calculates and displays key trip (min, max, mean, MKT) and alarm statistics in a simple report format. 
  • Automatically add the raw data and PDF files as e-mail attachments to easily e-mail files to multiple recipients. 
  • View and print NIST® traceable 3-Point Certificate of Validation.