Conventional Temperature Monitors

Sensitech® offers temperature monitors to meet a wide range of cold chain requirements. No matter what your need, we have a product that combines proven performance with innovative features.

TempTale® Ultra

TempTale Ultra

The TempTale® Ultra datalogger is a sleekly designed, USB temperature monitor that supports up to six temperature alarms, and is fully validated for the mission-critical Life Sciences market. The TempTale Ultra datalogger does not require labeling per IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations.

TempTale® Ultra Dry Ice Probe

TempTale Ultra Dry Ice Probe

The TempTale® Ultra datalogger with detachable Dry Ice Probe is the ideal solution for monitoring in-transit and storage temperatures of biological samples and temperature-sensitive biomedical/pharmacological products that require very low temperatures to maintain their stability. This monitor allows supply-chain partners to disconnect/reconnect the probe, and assess temperature data and alarm status without opening the carton, a "must have" requirement for shipping lanes involving customs agents.

TempTale® Ultra Probe


The TempTale Ultra Probe monitor is an ideal solution for monitoring in-transit and ambient storage temperatures for Life Sciences products between -30°C to +70°C to maintain stability. The detachable probe is 1.5 meters in length, perfect for monitoring temperature close to the product inside shippers or refrigerators, allowing supply chain partners to disconnect/reconnect the probe in order to assess temperature data and alarm status without opening the carton or refrigerator.

TempTale® Ultra Probeless Dry Ice

TempTale Ultra Probeless Dry Ice

The TempTale® Ultra Probeless Dry Ice monitor is a compact USB temperature datalogger that can be placed directly into dry ice environments as low as -95ºC. The ideal solution for monitoring in-transit and storage temperatures of biological samples and temperature-sensitive biomedical/pharmacological products that require very low temperatures to maintain their stability. This monitor can be placed directly into dry ice environment in contact with the product, without the need to disconnect/reconnect a separate probe.

TempTale® Ultra Humidity

TempTale Ultra Humidity monitor

The TempTale® Ultra Humidity monitor is a sleekly designed, USB humidity and temperature datalogger that can measure ambient temperatures from -30°C to +70°C and humidity from 0% RH to 100% RH. With 32,000 readings (16,000 each for temperature and humidity), this compact device automatically generates a secure PDF and encrypted raw data file without the need for additional software.

TempTale® Ultra BIO


The need for more precise and accurate temperature monitoring has never been more critical. The TempTale Ultra BIO monitor helps to assure the quality, safety, efficacy and potency of temperature-sensitive products in transit and storage with a temperature accuracy range of ±0.22°C from -10°C to +25°C. To further support precise temperature monitoring in the biologics market, the monitor supports up to six programmable alarms, including MKT and Trip Duration.

TempTale® Ultra 64K

TTUltra 64K

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics have no margin for error. Shipping via ocean containers only adds complexity to an already volatile supply chain, particularly at port changeovers. The TempTale Ultra 64K monitor is an ideal solution for lengthy ocean shipments requiring frequent temperature sampling intervals. The expanded memory capacity will support two-minute temperature sampling for up to 88 days.

TempTale® Direct

TT Direct

Designed for the food industry, this monitor offers a sleek design that makes end-of-trip downloading and reporting easier than ever—regardless of available technology at the receiving end. Simply plug the integrated USB interface into any standard USB port, and instantly download an encrypted data file and an unalterable PDF report.



Our flagship temperature monitor, the TempTale 4, offers customizable alarm settings to meet a wide array of in-transit and storage applications. The functional design integrates pre-programmed time and temperature limits to trigger time-out-of-range events. Downloads quickly and easily to a PC for detailed time/temperature history.

TempTale®4 BIO

TT4 Bio

The TempTale 4 BIO accurately monitors and records environmental conditions experienced by medicinal products throughout the cold chain. The compact, battery powered monitor is designed with a high degree of accuracy to meet critical pharmaceutical applications, improving the efficiency and quality of shipment dispositions.

TempTale®4 Humidity

TT4 Humidity

With its integrated digital humidity sensor, the TempTale 4 Humidity monitor is ideal for any application where relative humidity must be monitored. The digital, pre-calibrated humidity sensor improves measurement accuracy, reliability and response time.

TempTale®4 Multi-Alarm Monitors

TT4 MultiAlarm

Mitigate the risk associated with “alarmed” shipments by monitoring temperatures based on stability data. TempTale 4 Multi-Alarm monitors offer a highly advanced and flexible alarm design with the ability to program up to six (6) independent time-and-temperature alarms, which can be any combination of five (5) different alarm types. They are World Health Organization (WHO) pre-qualified as user-programmable temperature dataloggers (E006/028).

TempTale®4 USB Monitors


TempTale 4 USB monitors combine the industry-leading performance and reliability of our traditional TempTale 4 temperature monitor with an enhanced feature set to meet the specific needs of the Food, Industrial and Life Science industries. Integrated USB 2.0 communications and powerful on-board microprocessor, TempTale 4 USB monitors create a secure Adobe® PDF format shipment report, without installing proprietary software or hardware readers on your computer.

TempTale®4 Probe and Dual Sensor

TT4 Probe

This monitor supports applications for which a remote probe (1.5m/5’ stainless steel probe or 1.5m/5’ flexible probe) is required. The TempTale 4 Dual Sensor option allows for both internal and external sensors to be programmed to trigger time-out-of-range events. The stainless steel probe can be placed into a liquid or an insulated package to capture the core temperatures while also monitoring the external ambient temperatures.

TempTale®4 Dry Ice Probe

TempTale 4 Dry Ice Probe image

Monitor in-transit and storage temperatures of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and frozen foods that need to be kept at consistently low temperatures to maintain their stability. It can also be used to validate packaging and other components of your cold chain shipping and storage processes. Options for 1.5m/5' flexible or 1.5m/5' stainless steel probe.

TempTale®4 Probeless Dry Ice

TT4 Probeless Dry Ice image

Record, monitor and archive the temperature data in temperature environments as low as -80°C (-112°F) without external probes or wiring. Self-contained monitor features a water-resistant housing and can be placed directly into the dry ice environment in contact with the product.

TempTale®4 USB Dry Ice

TT4 USB DryIce

The TempTale 4 USB Dry Ice temperature monitor can be used to record and monitor cold chain shipment and storage processes of blood plasma, pharmaceuticals, frozen tissue and dry ice shipments where temperatures can reach as low as -80°C (-112°F). It is a self-contained, battery powered electronic monitor that can be placed directly into dry ice containers and packaging, without the need for external probes or wires.

TripStrip® Remote Printer


The TripStrip Remote Printer provides immediate access to time-temperature information without using a computer, software, or reader.

USB Interface Plus Reader

USB Interface Plus

The USB Interface Plus Reader provides the communications link between a TempTale®4 monitor and a standard USB port. It is used for downloading time-and-temperature data.