Real-time Temperature Monitors

Knowing the condition and location of your products can be a competitive advantage, particularly for logistics optimization. Sensitech® provides that visibility in real time with our easy-to-implement and cost-effective TempTale® GEO and TempTale® GEO Eagle monitors.

TempTale® GEO Eagle Monitor Suite


Now introducing two new additions to the TempTale GEO Eagle monitor suite: the TempTale GEO Eagle Extended, with a larger battery and capacity to monitor colder temperatures for up to 90 days; and the TempTale GEO Eagle 3G, providing coverage where 2G networks are weak or unavailable. Like the original TempTale GEO Eagle, both variants are cost-effective real-time monitors that transmit time, temperature, and location data back to the shipper.

TempTale® GEO

TT Geo
  • The TempTale GEO provides real-time visibility for temperature and location to support both logistics and quality. It reduces risk by enabling proactive intervention to address correctable temperature deviations before they impact product quality. And it gives advance indication about where the product is located and when it will arrive.
  • View location and temperature data in real time using our SensiWatch Tracks user interface.
  • Manage data in the same private-cloud, hosted environment as other TempTale units, ColdStream CCM, facilitating a view of the entire perishable supply chain to drive sustainable improvements and regulatory compliance through a secure system-of-record.
  • Ensure that no data gaps occur when the device travels through areas with no cellular coverage.