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Protecting product quality and integrity

Whether it’s fresh produce, lifesaving medications or specialized industrial compounds, temperature-sensitive products require careful monitoring from source to destination. Even a brief excursion outside their designated temperature parameters can impact product quality—and your bottom line.

Sensitech® puts you in control of product quality with a comprehensive portfolio of services that help you monitor and manage your entire temperature-sensitive supply chain.

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The Hidden Supply Chain Behind Valentine's Day Flowers

High volume, perishable products, fickle winter weather and long transportation routes mean that the supply chain must be working smoothly to get fresh Valentine's Day flowers in the customers’ hands ...

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Experts Warn Pharma to Take Precautions Against Thanksgiving Thefts

In this article from In-Pharma Technologist, experts say holiday drug and API thefts are becoming less frequent but pharmaceutical firms still need to take precautions this Thanksgiving.

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