SensiGuard™ Services

Protecting valuable cargo from theft worldwide

Cargo theft is a significant risk for companies that globally transport products by land, air and sea. When goods are in transit, both cargo and carrier are potentially vulnerable, and may become targets for criminals worldwide. In addition to significant financial losses, cargo theft can tarnish your brand image, increase insurance costs and diminish customer loyalty. These additional costs can amount to many times the value of the stolen shipment.

Sensitech® helps mitigate the risks of cargo theft around the globe through our industry-leading SensiGuard™ services (formerly known as Freightwatch International services).

SensiGuard Services

Industry News

The Future of Food and Beverage Cargo Theft—and Security

As the threat of food and beverage cargo theft continues to rise, manufacturers and distributors must react now—or face the consequences. Scott Martino, Director of Global Intelligence at Sensitech In...

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SensiGuard SCIC: Cargo theft expected to increase during holiday season

In this article on American Shipper, the SensiGuard SCIC states that losses of cargo due to theft are expected to increase during the 2017 holiday season compared to last year due to many factors, inc...

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Sensitech monitors more than 11 million shipments annually, equivalent to circumnavigating the globe 441,749 times each year.