Tracking Devices

Industrial-strength GPS cargo tracking technology

A key element of our industry-leading SensiGuard™ cargo security solutions is our VizComm™ Electronic Freight Security (EFS) technology. Designed specifically to meet the challenges of cargo security, our GPS tracking technology has been proven in the world’s toughest shipping applications. We integrate advanced location-based services and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology to produce compact devices that work reliably in impaired settings where other GPS devices do not—including aluminum containers and cargo holds.

SensiGuard VizComm tracking technology includes:

VizComm Prime Tracker

VizComm Prime Tracker

Introducing the VizComm Prime tracker, a global 3G cellular device ideal for real-time tracking for security and logistics performance management. The single-use unit can also detect and respond to both GPS and cellular jamming attempts.

VizComm GEO Tracker

VizComm GEO

Easy-to-use and convenient to implement, VizComm GEO Tracker delivers full visibility into every link in the supply chain. Real-time alerting enables proactive response to cargo delays and in-transit disruptions, thereby reducing business risks and driving logistics efficiency. 

VizComm™ Single Use

VizComm Geo Single Use Tracker - Global

Single-use tracking devices that make cargo tracking more convenient and simple, eliminating the need to manage tracking equipment while delivering reliable information.

VizComm™ F5

Vizcomm F5

Global tracking devices for GSM networks that leverage international cellular communication standards as well as GPS to provide real-time location and sensor data worldwide.

VizComm™ F4

VizComm F4

Covert tracking devices for CDMA networks that provide precise location tracking and sensor monitoring in a variety of cargo environments, while avoiding detection.

Sentry 500 Air Cargo Tracker

Sentry 500

Now introducing the Sentry 500 air cargo tracker, a premium performance, multi-sensor, air-safe monitoring device with 3G cellular coverage and GSM/GPRS/GPS providing accurate geo-locations globally. The Sentry 500 contains patented technology that automatically turns off in-flight cellular communication while continuing to collect location, temperature and other sensor data, all while in full FAA compliance with global aviation regulations and over 70 individual airlines.

Jamming Countermeasures


Jamming countermeasures built into our tracking devices. Our technology identifies interference signatures that jamming produces and switches the tracking device to an enhanced transmit mode to defeat the jamming.