Rastreadores de carga

Sensitech® ofrece una amplia gama de dispositivos de rastreo y detección de carga para una amplia gama de aplicaciones. Nuestros rastreadores VizComm™ permiten a los remitentes y a nuestros Centros de control y comando globales monitorear la ubicación y condición de la carga prácticamente en cualquier lugar del mundo, en tiempo real.

ViComm Prime Family

VizComm™ Prime Tracker Family

  • Global 3G cellular device ideal for real-time tracking
  • Detects and responds to jamming attempts
  • VizComm Prime Extended: Double the battery capacity for longer shipments or more frequent reporting
VizComm GEO

VizComm™ GEO Tracker

  • Real-time location tracking to support logistics performance monitoring
  • Single-use model reduces inventory costs and set up time
  • Global coverage seamlessly supports cross-border activity
  • Works in conjunction with secure, web-based tracking and monitoring platforms
VizComm View

VizComm™ View Tracker Family

  • VizComm View: Cost-effective real-time location tracking to support logistics performance monitoring
  • VizComm View Extended: Larger battery and capacity to for longer trips or more frequent reporting intervals
  • VizComm View 3G: Coverage where 2G networks are weak or unavailable
Sentry 500 Air Cargo Tracker

Sentry 500 Air Cargo Tracker

  • Air-safe monitoring device with 3G cellular coverage and GSM/GPRS/GPS
  • FAA-compliant and certified by over 70 individual global airlines
  • Provides real-time location and indicative temperature monitoring
VizComm F4

VizComm™ F4

  • Covert tracking devices for CDMA networks that provide precise location tracking and sensor monitoring in a variety of cargo environments, while avoiding detection
VizComm F5

VizComm™ F5

  • Global tracking devices for GSM networks that leverage international cellular communication and GPS to provide real-time location and sensor data worldwide

Jamming Countermeasures

  • Technology build into all tracking devices
  • Identifies interference signatures
  • Enhanced transmit mode defeats jamming attempts