Real-Time Monitors

Knowing the condition and location of your products can be a competitive advantage, particularly for logistics optimization. Sensitech® provides that visibility in real time with our easy-to-implement and cost-effective monitors.

TempTale GEO Eagle

TempTale® GEO Eagle Monitor Suite

  • TempTale GEO Eagle: Cost-effective real-time monitors that transmits time, temperature, and location data
  • TempTale GEO Eagle Extended: Larger battery and capacity to monitor colder temperatures for up to 90 days
  • TempTale GEO Eagle 3G: Coverage where 2G networks are weak or unavailable
TempTale GEO

TempTale® GEO

  • Provides real-time visibility for temperature and location
  • Reduces risk by proactive intervention to address temperature deviations before they impact product quality
  • View location/temperature data in real time using our SensiWatch™ Tracks user interface
Sentry 500

Sentry 500 Air Cargo Tracker

  • Air-safe monitoring device with 3G cellular coverage and GSM/GPRS/GPS
  • FAA-compliant and certified by over 70 individual global airlines
  • Provides real-time location and indicative temperature monitoring