Wireless Monitors

Having the ability to download temperature monitor data wirelessly, without having to retrieve the device, can dramatically increase operational efficiency. Sensitech® provides that valuable capability with our reliable TempTale® RF and RF2 temperature monitors.

TempTale RF Monitor

TempTale® RF

  • Wireless downloads automate data collection and communication — no need for monitor retrieval or data conditioning
  • Comprehensive time, temperature and location info
  • Support for both 900 MHz and 800 MHz bands in single and multi-channel configurations
  • Automated alarming and alerting improves quality, reduces waste, and enables receivers to prioritize and focus resources appropriately
TempTale RF2 for Japan

TempTale® RF2 for Japan

  • Auto stop via gateway server settings
  • Store and record location information when other ColdStream RF2 Infrastructure components are detected
  • Operates within the 915 MHz or 868 MHz ISM band for efficient transmission in high water content product situations
  • Leverage reader-talk-first mode—no transmission until they are near an active ColdStream Infrastructure component; required mode for air transit.