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无论是新鲜农产品、救生药品还是专业化工产品,需要从源头到目的地对温敏产品进行仔细的监测。即使在其指定的温度参数之外的短暂停留都可能影响产品质量 — 和您的收益。

Sensitech® 使您能够通过全面的服务组合来控制产品质量,从而帮助您监测和管理整个温敏供应链。

Warehouse People


What causes some Dry Ice shipments to reach -90°C ?

In this article by Don Riach of Biocair, a specialist logistics provider to the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science sectors, he has undertaken some research and explains his findings into why you...

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TAPA Recognizes Members for Exceeding Expectations

During its recent 20th Anniversary Global Conference in London, the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) presented awards for distinguished service and commitment to Susan Griggs, Advisor –...

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