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Sensitech® 将强大的食品行业专业知识及冷链最佳实践与最先进的监测技术和分析相结合,帮助全世界的食品生产商、托运人和买家确保其食品的质量和新鲜度。从现场或工厂到零售超市和餐厅,我们的食品服务团队在供应链的各个领域都有丰富的经验。他们提供所需的专业知识和洞察力,以推动流程改进,从而大大提高您的收益。


Fresh Fruit


Is A Truly Integrated Food Supply Chain Achievable?

In this article from Food Logistics Magazine, Grant Woolf, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for Sensitech Inc., explains how tracking technology is evolving to help provide customer...

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The Hidden Supply Chain Behind Valentine's Day Flowers

High volume, perishable products, fickle winter weather and long transportation routes mean that the supply chain must be working smoothly to get fresh Valentine's Day flowers in the customers’ hands ...

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