ColdStream® 生命科学服务


我们的温敏供应链服务通过提高冷链绩效,来帮助您保护药品的价值、完整性和功效。Sensitech® 生命科学专业服务团队在生物、制药、化学和临床科学市场上有多年的冷链分析经验,帮助客户管理和提高冷链绩效。凭借成熟的方法和利用专有的分析工具,我们的团队可以识别冷链效率低下的情况并采取纠正措施。无论面临什么挑战,我们的团队都知道如何将数据转化为可操作的信息。




Time- and Temperature-Controlled Transport: Supply Chain Challenges and Solution...

Across the globe, billions of dollars worth of pharmaceutical products are stored and shipped at improper temperatures, or they’re delayed so they reach their destinations past their shelf lives. In t...

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What causes some Dry Ice shipments to reach -90°C ?

In this article by Don Riach of Biocair, a specialist logistics provider to the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science sectors, he has undertaken some research and explains his findings into why you...

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