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GPS Tracking: Layered Security Imperative for Mitigating Cargo Thefts

An effective protocol against in-transit theft

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A tractor and trailer with a load of electronics was stolen during the driver’s five-minute break at a truck stop in Reevesville, South Carolina. Thanks to a covert GPS tracker, the shipment was recovered fully intact about 50 miles south in West Columbia, South Carolina.

In another case, a driver transporting a load of pharmaceuticals departed the Jacksonville Port Authority and stopped at a truck stop in Elkton, Florida just 33 miles away. The driver left the truck and container for several hours, discovering upon his return that they were stolen with all the cargo and container information. Using location data from a covert GPS tracking device embedded inside the cargo, the tractor and container were quickly recovered.

Thanks to the Sensitech® industry-leading cargo security services, both of these risks were mitigated.

It’s time to get as smart as thieves

Theft is inevitable when cargo is left unattended, especially when it is transported by solo drivers. And it’s also inevitable that cargo thieves are getting smarter and more efficient. The best defense for companies is for them to implement a layered security approach and to put in place more effective cargo security practices.

Solutions that employ GPS security have the ability to provide real-time, accurate location coordinates to law enforcement. Time and time again, GPS tracking and active monitoring of high-value shipments proves to be one of the most effective protocols to both mitigate in-transit theft and facilitate successful recovery of stolen product.

What to look for in GPS covert security

GPS solutions, when they are part of a layered security program, can provide real-time visibility of cargo in transit anywhere, anytime across the globe. The most effective solutions have the ability to display location information from GPS tracking devices in a familiar Google Maps™ format via a web browser, customizable for a company’s devices, protocols and routes.

With these kinds of solutions, companies can see exactly where tracked assets are at any moment, in real time. When combined with geofence capabilities, security personnel can even set movement rules and geographic boundaries for safe and acceptable travel.

With active monitoring added in, automated notifications can be sent by email or text when predefined events occur, such as an emergency, or when a tracker crosses an unsafe or red zone boundary.

Mitigating risks in the global supply chain

There is no denying that cargo theft is a significant risk for companies that globally transport products by land, air and sea. When goods are in transit, both cargo and carrier are potentially vulnerable, and they can easily become targets for criminals worldwide. In addition to significant financial losses, cargo theft can tarnish a company’s brand image, increase insurance costs and diminish customer loyalty. These additional costs can amount to many times the

Sensitech helps mitigate the risks of cargo theft around the globe through our industry-leading cargo security services. In fact, in the two cargo thefts mentioned above, our services were instrumental in the recovery of the shipments. The electronics cargo was recovered within two hours of the Command and Control Center (C3) being notified, while the pharmaceuticals were recovered only 36 minutes after the C3 was alerted.

Contact us to learn more how we can help you protect your cargo with C3 services and products such as GPS tracking solutions.

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