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SensiGuard® Q2-2019 Report: Mexico Cargo Theft Threats Continue to Rise


This will be the first In a four part series we will share a portion of the SensiGuard™ Second Quarter Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) Report highlighting a different region.

The SensiGuard® Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) actively tracks and records cargo theft around the globe, categorizing stolen loads under twelve different product types, and tracking by date, location, Modus Operandi (M.O.), value, and specific product.

On a regular basis, we issue security bulletins and cargo theft reports to help companies mitigate risks associated with theft, spoilage, counterfeiting, diversion, pilferage, and other cargo security threats.

The following is just a few of the second quarter highlights of recent activities for Mexico. The full report and latest updates for Mexico and other parts of the world, can be found by visiting the SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center:


Mexico Highlights

The SCIC recorded a total of 4,219 incidents of cargo theft in Mexico in Q2-2019. This represents a 1% increase compared to Q2-2018, and a 30% increase compared to Q2-2017.

During Q2-2019, 85% of cargo theft incidents in the country were concentrated in the Central (69%) and Western (16%) regions.

Ten states in Mexico accounted for 93% of all thefts in the country. The State of Mexico ranks first at 35%, which is 9% more thefts than the second highest, Puebla, at 26%. The state of Michoacán ranked third at 10%. Together, the top 3 states accounted for 71% of all thefts in the country.

  • Location. The majority of thefts occurred In-Transit (89%) and in Unsecured Parking lots (7%).
  • Event Type. In 81% of incidents, the most often used M.O. by criminals is Hijacking.
  • Product Type. The most frequently stolen products are: Food & Drinks (42%), Building & Industrial (7%), Alcohol (6%), and Miscellaneous (6%).
  • Location. The top 53% of cargo thefts tend to be on three major highways around Mexico that are considered severe or high risk:
    • SEVERE RISK: Mexico-Veracruz (MEX-150D) – 23% of thefts
    • HIGH RISK: Mexico Ring Road (CEM) – 19% of thefts
    • HIGH RISK: Mexico-Saltillo (MEX-57D) – 11% of thefts

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Editor’s Note: Delays in incident reporting typically cause measurable increases in theft volumes in the weeks following publication of SCIC quarterly reports. As such, totals for the most recent quarter are expected to rise above those recorded thus far. It is SCIC practice to use updated theft numbers for past quarters when comparing them to current three-month totals.

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