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Weather Alert – Tropical Storm Cristobal

Date:  June 4, 2020

Location: United States Gulf Coast

Description: Tropical Storm Cristobal is currently dropping heavy rain and gusty winds up to 40 mph on southern Mexico. The storm is forecast to move to the southern Gulf of Mexico on Friday and into the central Gulf of Mexico by Saturday. Cristobal is estimated to make landfall late Sunday or early Monday in Louisiana, although areas along the Gulf coast from Texas to Florida may be affected by heavy rain and high surf as early as Saturday.

Recommendation: The Sensitech® Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) recommends shippers continue to monitor developments throughout the weekend and confirm if destination facilities in the area will be impacted and have alternate plans for secure staging locations outside of the storm’s path. The SCIC continues to strongly recommend that shippers and manufacturers utilize covert GPS tracking as part of a layered security program to mitigate the risk of theft. In the event cargo is stolen, the ability to provide real-time, accurate location coordinates to law enforcement is an essential component of a successful recovery.

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