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Freight Security Bulletin: Pilferages in Memphis

Date:  June 24, 2020

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Description: Over the last week, the the Sensitech® Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) has noted an increase in the rate of Pilferages in a small area of southeast Memphis, TN (38141). A variety of product types have been targeted while awaiting delivery outside their destination location, typically overnight. These pilferages have been relatively large scale, typically involving multiple pallets of merchandise rather than a few cases or boxes.

Recommendation: The Sensitech SCIC recommends that logistics and security professionals with warehouse operations in southeast Memphis, TN be aware of this emerging trend and implement the following mitigation responses:

  • Schedule arrival of loads during business hours when possible to minimize overnight waits
  • Allow drivers with loads to park inside the facility lot rather than on the street if possible
  • Use High Security Seals and/or Hardened Padlock requiring more than a bolt cutter for removal
  • Place Heavy Gauge Wire Seal at the top of the trailer door, inaccessible from street level
  • Request extra patrols from local Law Enforcement
  • Note and report to Law Enforcement any suspicious vehicles or individuals seen outside of distribution centers
  • Advise drivers to be alert for vehicles following their shipment, and report any such activity immediately
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