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Weekly Intelligence Note 17 January 2020

Report Highlights:

  • United Kingdom: Train terminal targeted for cargo theft over 35 times from 2015-2019
  • Kenya: Estimated SH 6 million of coffee stolen from factory
  • Gulf of Guinea: Alarming increase of crew kidnappings in Gulf, despite drop in overall piracy incidents
  • France: Police officer dies after being hit by van fleeing scene of cargo theft
  • Ireland: Two arrested for Cash-in-Transit theft of €27,000 using fake firearm
  • Australia: Authorities seize $11 million of illicit tobacco shipments over holiday period
  • Brazil: Theft of truck carrying nineteen tons of salmon
  • Mexico: Sixteen luxury vehicles stolen during armed theft of car carrier trailers
  • United States: Texas couple jailed, ordered to pay $2M in restitution for orchestration of truck tire thefts
  • Canada: Peel, Ontario police report sharp rise in tractor-trailer thefts since 2015
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