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Weekly Intelligence Note 21 February 2020

Report Highlights:

  • United Kingdom: Two brothers arrested for six-month crime spree on cashpoints
  • Italy: Cargo ship captain arrested to suspected arms trafficking between Turkey and Libya
  • Spain: Two arrested for stealing batteries from parked trucks
  • Belgium: 300 litres of fuel stolen from tank of parked truck
  • South Africa: Two arrested for running illegal private clinic with stolen medication
  • China: Coronavirus outbreak has halted most China-Europe export freight trains
  • Brazil: Figures show violent cargo thefts continue to decrease in Rio de Janeiro
  • Mexico: Five arrested for attempting to hijack a cargo truck loaded with Pharmaceuticals
  • United States: Customs seized 1,543 pounds of liquid methamphetamine at Texas port of entry
  • Canada: Protesters objecting to proposed British Columbia pipeline causing disruptions to rail network
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