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Weekly Intelligence Note 13 March 2020

Report Highlights:

  • Cyprus: Theft of agricultural machinery and equipment worth €2,300 from warehouse
  • France: French and Finnish authorities seize approx. 36 million illegal medicines worth almost €8 million
  • South Africa: Five dead after confrontation between police and armed gang after Cash-in-Transit heist
  • Germany: Nine trucks parked on motorway lots damaged in three-day period
  • China: Capacity restrictions at ports due to coronavirus outbreak causing exporters to Europe to switch to rail
  • Brazil: Police investigating possible Fuel Theft after discovery of 14-meter tunnel next to pipeline
  • Mexico: Hijacking of truck carrying $200,000 MXN of cacao by armed men dressed as police officers
  • United States: Customs seizes 161 pounds of cocaine worth $1.8M from Puerto Rico’s San Juan Airport
  • Canada: Theft of truck and cargo of lumber worth thousands of dollars from British Columbia business
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