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Weekly Intelligence Note 3 April 2020

Report Highlights:

  • Ireland: Statistics show significant increase in armed attacks, drug offences, and Cash-in-Transit raids
  • Kenya: One dead, four hospitalized after accidentally ingesting unknown chemical after attempted theft of Alcohol
  • United Kingdom: Theft of toilet rolls worth over £10,000 from lorries parked at depot
  • South Africa: Two guards attacked by ten armed men during Cash-in-Transit heist
  • Malaysia: Theft of bread delivery truck in Kuala Lumpur
  • Brazil: Six arrested after attempted theft of pesticides from farm
  • Mexico: Four arrested after shootout with police following theft of truck loaded with hazardous chemicals
  • United States: Federal trucking regulators issue waiver allowing permitted drivers to operate during COVID-19 emergency without CDL driver in truck
  • Canada: Electronic logging enforcement to begin mid-2021
  • Puerto Rico: Closure of fifth police station in a week raises concerns over ability to respond to COVID-19
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