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Weekly Intelligence Note 5 June 2020

Report Highlights:

  • United Kingdom: Three men arrested for theft of Fuel from truck on the A1
  • South Africa: Cash-in-Transit theft results in injuries to three police officers
  • Germany: Thieves slash tarpaulin of truck parked overnight at lot, steal box of clothes
  • Malaysia: Five arrested for two hardware store robberies; police also recover two trucks and three cars
  • Brazil: Driver attempts to defraud insurance company by reporting false theft of wire worth R $150,000
  • Mexico: Police use embedded GPS to recover cargo of stolen K95 face masks worth MXN $60M from warehouse
  • United States: Dallas man arrested for theft of $26,000 of cigarettes from back of tractor-trailer
  • Canada: Ontario-based logistics company victim of three cargo thefts in the past year
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