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Weekly Intelligence Note 10 July 2020

Report Highlights:

  • Germany: Tarpaulins on four trucks slashed; loudspeaker components worth €68,000 stolen
  • South Africa: Truck drivers being targeted in nation’s roads; many assaulted or killed, cargo stolen, and trucks set on fire
  • United Kingdom: Man arrested following pursuit for theft of children’s toys from truck
  • France: Gang robbed truck of computer equipment and mobile phones; damage estimated at several million euros
  • India: Soaring crew change costs forcing ship owners to find alternate ports to unload cargo
  • Brazil: Police arrest gang for kidnapping and theft of truck carrying medicines worth over R $ 2.5M
  • Mexico: Police recover stolen trailer carrying MXN$30 million of tequila
  • United States: Michigan man charged with theft of over 1,000 key fobs for new vehicles loaded on freight trains
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