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Weekly Intelligence Note 7 August 2020

Report Highlights:

  • United Kingdom: Two police cars and helicopter used in pursuit of speeding flatbed truck
  • France: Three arrested in the act of siphoning Fuel from tanks of seven trucks
  • Germany: Thefts of truckloads in Germany and Denmark dropped significantly since 2017
  • The Netherlands: Man arrested for May theft of 4,400 smartwatches worth €530,000
  • South Africa: Police investigating three simultaneous Cash-in-Transitthefts in thirty-minute span
  • Morocco: Dozens attack truck to steal sheep at cattle market in Casablanca
  • India: Five employees arrested for theft of mobile phones worth Rs 1 lakh from company warehouse
  • Brazil: Federal Police seize 300 kg of marijuana and arsenal of guns being transported from Paraguay
  • Mexico: Police locate property storing MXN$17 million of stolen imported clothing
  • United States: Port Authority of New York / New Jersey suffers $800 million loss due to COVID-19 pandemic
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