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Weekly Intelligence Note 25 September 2020

Report Highlights:

  • South Africa: Five members of Cash-in-Transit gang killed in shootout with police
  • Romania: Recovery of rare 16th and 17th century books stolen from London warehouse in 2017
  • Russia: Warehouse theft of equipment worth 2.3M rubles
  • Italy: Suspect arrested for receiving stolen computer equipment worth €550,000
  • India: Five arrested for Pilferage and illegal resale of Fuel
  • Brazil: Armed Hijacking of truck carrying cigarettes worth over R $ 2 million
  • Mexico: Police recover truck loaded with department store goods worth MXN $1.5 million
  • United States: Customs seizes over USD $14.7M of drugs in several incidents at U.S.-Mexico border
  • Canada: Agreement extended to close U.S. border to non-essential traffic through October 21
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