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Weekly Intelligence Note 2 October 2020

Report Highlights:

  • Poland: Man arrested for theft of goods worth PLN 130,000 from his employer
  • United Arab Emirates: Six arrested for warehouse theft of face masks worth Dh150,000
  • Russia: Order packers from online store arrested for thefts worth 600,000 rubles
  • Germany: Thieves slash curtains of trucks at parking lots; three valuable bicycles stolen
  • South Africa: Eight accused of Hijacking dairy trucks
  • India: Police note increase in theft and dismantling of trucks after criminals caught with stolen vehicle
  • Brazil: Police launch operation against tax evasion and money laundering involving five medicine distributors
  • Mexico: Leader of cartel accused of stealing trailer of cigarettes as well as kidnapping and killing police officers
  • United States: FMCSA launches tool to help carriers and drivers understand HOS regulations
  • Canada: Discovery of smuggling ring importing millions of dollars of Tobacco concealed to evade duties and taxes
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