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Weekly Intelligence Note 23 October 2020

Report Highlights:

  • Germany: Curtain slashers hit eight trucks parked on street overnight in Neubodenbach
  • Russia: Warehouse theft and recovery of soybeans worth 432,000 rubles
  • South Africa: Hijacking of truck by vehicle impersonating as police car
  • Italy: Carabinieri foil attempted theft of cigarettes from logistics company
  • India: Hijacking of truck loaded with Rs 10 crore of cell phones
  • Brazil: Police discover gang of responsible for R $1 million in Fuel thefts
  • Mexico: Truck driver shot and killed during attempted Hijacking
  • United States: Land borders with Canada and Mexico to remain closed for nonessential travel through Nov. 21
  • Puerto Rico: Both of island’s 911 call centers shut down after employees test positive for coronavirus
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