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Weekly Intelligence Note 6 November 2020

Report Highlights:

  • Belgium: Prosecutors announce recent bust of disbanded drug gang as “largest ever in the world”
  • The Netherlands: Six pallets of equestrian clothing stolen from truck at gas station
  • Russia: Thief who stole goods from warehouse identified by his fingerprint
  • Germany: Curtain Slashers steal 18 pallets with flat-screen TVs from truck parked at rest area
  • South Africa: Cash-in-Transit vehicle doors blown open in bombing after alleged heist
  • Thailand: Border crossing with Myanmar reopens with restrictions after positive COVID-19 cases
  • Brazil: City councilman arrested in investigation for cargo thefts and illegally hunting wild animals
  • Mexico: Security escort shot and killed during Attempted Hijacking of trailer carrying automotive parts
  • United States: Six arrested in connection to cargo theft heists at John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Canada: Transport Canada continues to research transportation of dangerous goods
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