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Weekly Intelligence Note 11 January 2021

Report Highlights:

  • West Africa: Gulf of Guinea continues to be world’s hotbed for piracy
  • Algeria: Three arrested for truck theft, drug promotion, and possession of hallucinogenic tablets
  • South Africa: Alleged Cash-in-Transit robber injured in attempt to blast open a van
  • Russia: Police use CCTV cameras to identify and find suspect in truck Hijacking
  • Zimbabwe: Armed theft of USD $2.5 million and ZWL$40,000 from Cash-in-Transit truck
  • China: Tightened import restrictions causing long rail freight backups at China-Kazakhstan border
  • Brazil: Police Station specializing in highway cargo theft opens in State of Bahia
  • Mexico: Authorities arrest known cargo and car thief while in possession of sawed-off shotgun and jamming device
  • United States: Cargo ship carrying three large container cranes docks at Port of Oakland
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