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Weekly Intelligence Note 8 February 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Italy: Warehouse workers charged with theft of €75,000 of goods from logistics company
  • South Africa: Driver beaten by attackers after petrol bomb thrown into truck fails to ignite
  • Russia: Two charged with theft of 3 tons of copper worth 1.5M rubles
  • Germany: Theft of pesticides worth €500,000 from agricultural trade company building
  • Spain: Thief steals bag of €60,000 from armored truck
  • France: Seven arrested for theft of Bordeaux wines worth €800,000
  • China: COVID crew restrictions causing severe shortage of truck drivers and disruption of air routes
  • Brazil: Man arrested with stolen load of meat worth R $ 1.2 million
  • Mexico: Theft of a trailer loaded with over MXN $1 million of aluminum ingots
  • United States: Theft of trailer and $10,000 of PPE used for COVID-19 vaccination clinic
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