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Weekly Intelligence Note 15 February 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Ireland: Gardaí looking for witnesses following a cash robbery outside a post office
  • Spain: Investigator arrested after reporting false theft of twenty-one monitors from truck
  • Germany: Thieves break into company lot, then dismantle and steal parts from two combine harvesters
  • Russia: Two arrested for attempted theft of 280 kg of cast iron from passing train
  • France: Thirteen suspects arrested for cargo thefts valued over €1,000,000
  • India: Customs seized almost 500 kg of red sanders from export shed at airport
  • Brazil: Three arrested during hijacking of truck and attempted theft of Alcohol
  • Mexico: Authorities recover vehicle and 35 cases of stolen Pharmaceuticals
  • United States: Memphis police and ATF make major bust connected to rail theft valued around $75,000
  • Canada: Cargo theft across country estimated around $5 billion annually
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