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Weekly Intelligence Note 8 March 2021

Report Highlights:

  • France: Seven arrested for thefts of luxury goods worth over €350,000
  • Germany: Airport workers continue hunger strike over arbitrary dismissals and massive wage theft
  • South Africa: Security guard and alleged hijacker shot dead after targeting truck carrying cellphones
  • United Kingdom: Police rescue eighteen people hiding in back of refrigerated truck
  • Zimbabwe: Nine security guards appear in court for alleged assault and theft of truck driver
  • Hong Kong: Customs seizes USD $16.2 million of cocaine hidden in shipment of grapes
  • Brazil: Police dismantle gang responsible for thefts of coal valued over R $ 1 million
  • Mexico: Police inspect abandoned truck, discover load of shrimp valued at MXN $3 million
  • United States: American Society of Civil Engineers gives nation’s infrastructure a grade of C-
  • Canada: Minister of Transport confirms June 12, 2021 date for truckers to comply with ELD requirements
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