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Weekly Intelligence Note 29 March 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Iran: Pirates Hijack Iraqi ship stranded outside country’s waters, demand ransom from owner
  • Ireland: Man arrested after stolen electric company van crashes and overturns
  • Russia: Fraudulent documents used to steal metal parts worth over 600,000 rubles
  • Egypt: Giant container ship gets lodged in Suez Canal, blocking route for dozens of cargo vessels
  • South Africa: Video clip of Cash-in-Transit theft posted to Twitter
  • Global: Almost 3,000 containers fell off cargo ships in Pacific Ocean since November
  • India: Transport sector being targeted by cyber criminals in recent months
  • Brazil: Armed criminals take driver and assistants hostage during theft of truck carrying meat
  • Mexico: Two private security escorts found shot and killed after Hijacking
  • United States: Truck driver shortages continue to rise after COVID restrictions loosen
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