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Weekly Intelligence Note 3 May 2021

Report Highlights:

  • France: Company manager reports theft of gasoline from three trucks near his store
  • United Kingdom: Theft of 24 boxes of CO2 canisters for in-home soda dispensers
  • Germany: Transporter set on fire after attempted thefts from construction site
  • Italy: Three arrested for attack of van loaded with cigarettes
  • South Africa: Suspect arrested for 2017 Cash-in-Transit theft and murder
  • India: Stolen bag of 1700 doses of COVID-19 vaccines returned to hospital with apologetic note
  • Brazil: Two arrested for attempted theft of grain from moving vehicle
  • Mexico: Cargo thieves abandon MXN $2.5M load of appliances and motorcycles
  • United States: Texas deputies locate stolen truck carrying USD $1M of laptops
  • Canada: Three British Columbia police departments recover stolen appliances worth CAD $280,000
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