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Weekly Intelligence Note 10 May 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Switzerland: French and Swiss police apprehend five suspects from 2019 armored van robbery
  • United Arab Emirates: Two men arrested in the act of stealing electrical copper cables from warehouse
  • South Africa: Three security guards among suspected arrested for Cash-in-Transit heist
  • Malta Eight questioned in connection to theft of 900 air conditioning units from warehouse
  • Nigeria: Four truck drivers arrested in possession of stolen automotive gasoline oil
  • Laos: Authorities discover shipping container filled with chemical used to manufacture synthetic drugs
  • Brazil: Three arrested for thefts of beer worth over R $5 million
  • Mexico: Authorities recover stolen load of home appliances worth MXN $1.5 million
  • United States: Iowa transportation company reports missing driver, trailer and cargo
  • Canada: Discussions to use Lethbridge area in Alberta for cross-border travel
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