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Weekly Intelligence Note 24 May 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Italy: Copper cables stolen from workshop after thieves disable nearby electrical substation
  • The Netherlands: One person shot and killed after wild chase following robbery on money transport vehicle
  • Nigeria: Around 100 maritime companies sign Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy
  • United Kingdom: Copper thieves cause almost £250,000 of damage to haulage company
  • Russia: Customs seizes over 150,000 cigarettes missing excise stamps
  • South Africa: Aggravated robberies increase 5% during first three months of 2021
  • Australia: AUD$100 million of drugs found in heaters and barbecues on Thai cargo ship docked in Sydney
  • Brazil: Police recover cargo of stolen pesticides after simultaneous arrests of two suspects
  • Mexico: Attempted Hijacking of trailer loaded with oxygen tanks
  • United States: CBP officers seize USD $5.5M of methamphetamines hidden in load of medical supplies
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