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Weekly Intelligence Note 7 June 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Germany: Suspects use irritant gas in Cash-in-Transit robbery; police believe similar M.O. used in July 2020 robbery
  • United Kingdom: Thief caught in possession of stolen mini-digger minutes after its theft
  • South Africa: Cash-in-Transit guard shot and killed during heist
  • Thailand: customs officials seize 11kg of crystal methamphetamine found hidden inside picture frames in cargo container
  • Brazil: Three suspects arrested for theft of 10,000 packs of cigarettes
  • Mexico: Authorities recover stolen load of wine worth MXN $900K
  • United States: Man arrested for multiple charges related to August 2020 theft of ventilators intended for donation to intensive care facility in El Salvador
  • Canada: Recovery of two trailers loaded with over CAD $80,000 of lumber
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