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Weekly Intelligence Note 28 June 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Zimbabwe: Armed Cash-in-Transit theft one of many rapidly rising cases in country since January
  • Cyprus: Three arrested for attempted theft of catalytic converters from warehouse
  • Russia: Woman and accomplices arrested for theft of diamonds and worth hundreds of millions of rubles
  • United Kingdom: CCTV shows thieves steal around twenty bicycles from distributor’s warehouse
  • Italy: Three arrested for theft of food and detergents worth about €50,000 from warehouse
  • Hong Kong: Thieves intercept electronic chips worth HK $5 million en route to manufacturer’s warehouse
  • Brazil: Truck driver’s family taken hostage during attempted robbery
  • Mexico: Recovery of stolen load of home appliances and furniture worth MXN $1.7 million
  • United States: Suspect arrested for theft and attempted resale of 42,000 pounds of pistachios
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