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Weekly Intelligence Note 5 July 2021

Report Highlights:

  • France: Red Cross truck stolen, then vandalized after being involved in accident
  • Belgium: Man sentenced for October 2017 theft of trucks from transport company
  • South Africa: Police searching for four armed men who bombed and robbed a Cash-in-Transit van
  • Ireland: Gardai searching for suspect in at least two robberies worth €100,000
  • United Kingdom: Truck driver jailed for smuggling 639,000 illicit cigarettes and 1.9 tonnes of rolling Tobacco
  • Hong Kong: Airport customs seizes 110 kg of cocaine worth USD $16.7 million
  • Brazil: Police operation results in seizure of R$ 20 million of steel and hardware cargo
  • Mexico: Three security guards and two criminals injured in shootout during attempted cash theft
  • United States: $300,000 worth of fashion accessories stolen by New Jersey warehouse employee
  • Canada: $400,000 worth of figure skates stolen in 2020 recovered in Ontario storage unit
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