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Weekly Intelligence Note 26 July 2021

Report Highlights:

  • Bulgaria: Suspect arrested after theft of truck from warehouse
  • Italy: Thieves steal raw material and recyclable plastic from processing company warehouse
  • France: 300 bottles of wine stolen from parked truck during driver’s overnight rest break
  • Romania: Unlicensed driver arrested for theft of van from farm after crashing while under the influence of alcohol
  • Russia: Three convicted for August 2020 robbery and Hijacking of truck worth 5.5 million rubles
  • South Africa: Police in Durban fire rubber bullets and tear gas to prevent looting og Alcohol from warehouse
  • Hong Kong: Former company CEO arrested for theft and illegal auctioning of wine worth HK$25 million
  • Brazil: Police seize stolen load of cigarettes worth R$ 5 million
  • Mexico: Truck driver fatally shot by thieves after failure to move over during attempted Hijacking
  • United States: Pursuit of semi-truck stolen from Ohio construction company results in significant damage to vehicles, signposts and fire hydrants
  • Canada: Fuel shortages in Quebec due to vacationers and decreased delivery capacity expected to continue throughout summer