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Weekly Intelligence Note 2 August 2021

Report Highlights:

  • South Africa: Record copper prices have triggered an increase in Hijacking incidents
  • United Kingdom: Thieves steal cash and food worth about £70,000 from family-run business
  • France: Driver sentenced to prison for attempt to smuggle seventeen people into Great Britain
  • Morocco: Police force arrests gang of mechanics and receivers specializing in theft and resale of truck trailers and parts
  • India: Airport inspector arrested for theft of 995g of gold from customs warehouse
  • South Africa: Police in Durban fire rubber bullets and tear gas to prevent looting of Alcohol from warehouse
  • Brazil: Two retired military policeman killed during attempted theft of truck carrying R$3 million of cell phones
  • Mexico: Authorities recover MXN $1.5 million load of stolen cashew nuts
  • United States: Congested railroad ramps lead to supply chain bottleneck in Chicago
  • Canada: Border workers vote for possible strike on August 6, affecting commercial traffic and international shipping
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