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Weekly Intelligence Note 30 August 2021

Report Highlights:

  • The Netherlands: Police use customer’s “track & trace” system to recover stolen truck and bicycles
  • Russia: Second arrest made in connection to June kidnapping and cargo thefts
  • Ireland: Three men and one woman arrested in connection with Cash-in-Transit robbery
  • Spain: Gang member arrested for scams against citrus growers and thefts worth over €2 million
  • South Africa: Major TV manufacturer reveals it can remotely disable stolen TVs
  • Malaysia: Three arrested for theft of batteries from parked truck
  • Brazil: Security guard injured after being shot during attempted Cash-in-Transit theft
  • Mexico: Police recover stolen trailer loaded with alcohol worth MXN $600,000
  • United States: Checkpoints on Mexican federal highways lead to commercial traffic delays in Laredo, Texas
  • Canada: Driver facing charges after 183 pounds of cocaine seized in truck while crossing border
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