Wireless Temperature Monitors

Having the ability to download temperature monitor data wirelessly, without having to retrieve the device, can dramatically increase operational efficiency. Sensitech® provides that valuable capability with our reliable TempTale® RF and RF2 temperature monitors.

TempTale® RF

  • Our highly reliable, wireless TempTale RF monitors collect and store temperatures for a wide array of in-transit and storage applications. Wireless downloads automate data collection and communication, eliminating the need for monitor retrieval or data conditioning. Flexible transmission band support enables us to work with customers to select the band best suited to their geographic locations.
  • Comprehensive time, temperature and location information delivers a broader picture of the cold chain process.
  • Transmission bands are optimized for specific countries, with support for both 900 MHz and 800 MHz bands in single and multi-channel configurations.
  • Secure, validated and centralized data management allows information to be shared among partners.
  • Automated alarming and alerting improves quality, reduces waste, and enables receivers to prioritize and focus resources appropriately.
  • Tailored, robust reporting facilitates sound decision-making.

TempTale® RF2 for Japan

TTRF2 Japan

Cold chain management—the process of monitoring temperature-sensitive products moving from one partner or location to another—is a complex endeavor with many variables that can adversely affect quality, shelf life, and safety. Wireless temperature monitoring automates the data collection and download process, delivering accurate and comprehensive data for every trip. Sensitech has taken the mystery out of wireless technology with ColdStream® RF2 Infrastructure, integrating data collection and communication technologies to automate the process of collecting and managing comprehensive time, temperature and location information in a reliable and cost-effective manner.