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ColdStream® Industrial Services

Protecting temperature-sensitive industrial chemicals

Our cold chain visibility services are designed to help you protect the value, integrity, and efficacy of industrial chemicals by working with you to improve your cold chain performance. As a global leader in temperature-sensitive supply chain data management services, Sensitech® offers a wide range of services that include the ongoing collection, management and storage of temperature-sensitive supply chain data, as well as the analysis and reporting required to translate data into actionable information. Our team of experts has years of experience in helping customers continuously improve their cold chain performance, and often develops customized services to meet specific needs.

Our Industrial services include:

Validation and Qualification Services

We confirm the validated or qualified status of your equipment, facility or process in accordance with the FDA’s General Principals of Process Validation. The resulting Validation Master Plans and Protocols are appropriately defined in accordance with FDA, USP, ISPE, and other relevant guidelines. As a global company, we take into account the guidelines of regulatory agencies for both the local country and for shipping locations.

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Shipping Studies

Our Shipping Study is a cost-effective way to determine the thermal variability of a specific trade or shipping lane. Ambient Thermal Profiles evaluate temperatures across shipping lanes, and Performance Qualifications (PQ) evaluate whether a shipping system is performing to pre-determined criteria.

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ColdStream® Site Service

Automate temperature monitoring and documentation of storage facilities and equipment. Our easily deployed ColdStream Site Service provides flexible, wireless temperature sensing of refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms with automated record-keeping and reporting. Eliminate manual processes while ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

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