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Greenlight™ Assessments

Easily manage any type of audit and assessment

Greenlight™ Assessments provides an accessible, cloud-based platform for managing and sharing visits, audits and site assessments for compliance and/or sustainable measurement. Accuracy, consistency and integrity are maintained through embedded validation rules, and automatic alerts and notifications improve the workflow and tighten up processes between you and your stakeholders.

  • Demonstrate compliance—Have immediate access to supply chain analytics, so you can easily view the progress and performance of audits/assessments.
  • Reduce costs and add value—The use of mobile apps allows auditors to work both online and offline, capturing data in the field to accelerate processes and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Monitor and measure performance—Collect and access large volumes of data from across your supply chain. Visual reports allow you to identify issues and spot trends immediately.
  • Connect with your supply base—All assessment data is held in one place accessible to you and your supply chain partners, ensuring a standardized and consistent approach to data collection.
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