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Greenlight™ Supplier Approval

Ensure that all products originate from an approved source

Greenlight™ Supplier Approval is a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to connect and collaborate with suppliers, allowing them to easily access, update and share due-diligence information. The auto-validation of due-diligence documentation against global databases leaves customers safe in the knowledge that every consignment will meet their specific protocol.

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency—Holding supporting evidence for approvals in one place significantly reduces the time spent managing this process. Automatic alerts when action is required eliminate the need to continuously monitor your data.
  • Greater transparency—Enjoy total transparency of the approval status of your sites, suppliers and products to mitigate risk from your supply chain.
  • Connect with suppliers—Connect with your suppliers online so you can manage, share and validate all information relating to the approval status of your supply chains. Suppliers and customers can access and update information from anywhere.
  • Total confidence—Map your supply chains from grower to retailer and have confidence that all products are from an approved source.
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