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SensiWatch® Shield

Global, end-to-end cargo protection that never sleeps

SensiWatch® Shield provides our highest level of end-to-end cargo monitoring and risk mitigation to prevent cargo security gaps. It provides uninterrupted, real-time monitoring of cargo from origin to final destination—with immediate response in the event of a suspected security breach or theft incident. We put eyes on your cargo 24 x 7 x 365, so you can rest easy.

SensiWatch Shield provides:

  • Continuous cargo monitoring by our state-of-the-art Global Command and Control Centers using covert, embedded tracking technology to provide precise, real-time location information. 
  • Adherence to pre-defined security protocols designed to reduce in-transit risk, based on our expert knowledge of tactics, techniques and procedures used by cargo thieves. 
  • Dedicated Program Manager who maintains constant oversight for your program, evaluating cargo theft intelligence and works with your logistics team to assess data and maintain protocol expectations. 
  • Risk Management Officers who ensure processes are in place to communicate security protocols to shipment operators, and to capture critical shipment information prior to departure.
  • Rapid response to suspected theft incidents by our Emergency Response Team, engaging with local law enforcement to coordinate a quick response and recover the shipment.
  • Comprehensive reporting to provide insights that inform proactive cargo security best practice recommendations, carrier pattern risk overviews and quarterly business reviews for continuous improvement.
  • Access to actionable intelligence via our online Intelligence Center, which tracks cargo theft trends around the world.
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Sensitech monitors more than 11 million shipments annually, equivalent to circumnavigating the globe 441,749 times each year.