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SensiGuard® Services

Protecting valuable cargo from theft worldwide

Cargo theft is a significant risk for companies that globally transport products by land, air and sea. When goods are in transit, both cargo and carrier are potentially vulnerable, and may become targets for criminals worldwide. In addition to significant financial losses, cargo theft can tarnish your brand image, increase insurance costs and diminish customer loyalty. These additional costs can amount to many times the value of the stolen shipment.

Sensitech® helps mitigate the risks of cargo theft around the globe through our industry-leading SensiGuard® services.

A Spectrum of Services

SensiGuard solutions include three distinct service levels, allowing you to select the option that best meets your organization's needs and budget:

SensiGuard Shield

Our highest level of service, SensiGuard Shield provides continuous, real-time, active cargo monitoring from origin to destination, including recovery services. We mitigate risk through stringent, pre-defined, security protocols and close interaction with drivers and dispatch by our Global Command & Control Centers.

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SensiGuard Alert

Our mid-level service, SensiGuard Alert provides real-time active monitoring by our Global Command & Control Centers during high-risk portions of a route, in conjunction with continuous, event-driven alerts, based on route deviations and start/stop events, and recovery services.

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SensiGuard Recovery

SensiGuard Recovery provides monitoring for cargo-theft recovery and security-breach response incidents. Our Emergency Response Team contacts local law enforcement to coordinate the recovery of stolen goods.

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SensiGuard Security Dashboard

Our Global Supply Chain Intelligence Team collects data and reports monthly on cargo theft incidents. These reports provide our subscribers with actionable information to help them proactively plan processes and procedures to mitigate risks associated with cargo theft. Now you can have the same historical cargo threat data used to create Sensitech’s powerful global threat assessment reports at your fingertips.

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SensiGuard Analyst-on-Demand

With Sensitech’s Analyst on Demand service, professional, cargo-security analysts are at your disposal to create custom reports and analyses specific to your business utilizing data provided by our Global Supply Chain Intelligence Team.

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SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center

The landscape of global transit risk is constantly evolving. We continually monitor these shifts and trends worldwide—and we make this information available to our customers through this, our SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center.

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Sensitech monitors almost 15 million shipments annually, equivalent to circumnavigating the globe over 600,000 times each year.