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SensiGuard® Technology

Reducing risk with state-of-the art technology

Our SensiGuard® business has been a leader in Electronic Freight Security (EFS) technology for nearly two decades. Our state-of-the-art technology delivers real-time location, status and condition data, and critical activity alerts that harden the supply chain and mitigate the risk of cargo theft. Designed specifically for cargo security applications, our VizComm™ tracking devices meet the challenges of real-world shipping environments—from tractor trailer containers to the cargo holds of ships.

Sensitech® helps mitigate the risks of cargo theft around the globe through our industry-leading SensiGuard technology.

Cargo Tracking Devices

SensiGuard® provides a comprehensive range of cargo tracking and sensing devices for a range of applications. Our VizComm™ trackers enable shippers and our Global Command & Control Centers to monitor cargo location and condition virtually anywhere in the world, in real time. The Sentry 500 air cargo tracker is a premium performance, multi-sensor, air-safe monitoring device with 3G cellular coverage and GSM/GPRS/GPS providing accurate geo-locations globally.

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Cargo Tracking Software

Our cloud-based SensiGuard® Tracks application provides real-time visibility of your cargo in transit. In conjunction with SensiGuard tracking devices, SensiGuard Tracks enables shippers to pinpoint the location of their cargo assets in real time, anywhere in the world.

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Global Command and Control Centers

Our global Command & Control centers around the world monitor thousands of shipments all day, every day.

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Our integrated approach combines a unique combination of cargo security expertise, proven program management processes, proprietary tracking technology, and actionable intelligence, all coordinated through our Global Command and Control Centers.
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