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Real-Time Solutions

Visibility for Temperature and Location

Visibility—the relative ability to be seen under given conditions of distance, light, atmosphere, etc.—is now a competitive advantage in today’s complex supply chains. “Where is my cargo? And, what is its condition?” Regardless of where you sit—supplier, receiver or transportation provider—visibility is now a must have for logistics efficiency and quality assurance. Sensitech Real-Time Solutions deliver that competitive advantage by combining our easy-to-implement and cost-effective TempTale® GEO and Sentry 500 monitors with our cloud-based SensiWatch™ Tracks reporting software.

Real-Time Temperature and Location Monitors

Knowing the condition and location of your products can be a competitive advantage, particularly for logistics optimization. Our line of TempTale® GEO monitors provide that visibility in real time. The easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution to track your product over air, land and sea.

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SensiWatch® Tracks Real-Time Software

SensiWatch® Tracks is a Cloud-based application for reporting location and temperature, so you always know where your products are and in what condition. Automated alerts via text or email will let you know if your shipment is having any issues. By leveraging SensiWatch Tracks, you can gain insights into your route performance, help reduce rejections and product loss. You can also collaborate with your supply chain partners to intervene if there are temperature excursions, or anticipate arrival times to manage your customers' expectations.

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