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SensiGuard™ 服务



Sensitech® 通过我们业界领先的SensiGuard™服务,有助于降低全球货件盗窃的风险。

SensiGuard 解决方案包括三个不同的服务级别,允许您选择最符合组织需求和预算的选项:
SensiGuard Shield

我们最高级服务,SensiGuard Shield提供从出发点到目的地的连续、实时、主动的货件监控,包括寻回服务。我们通过严格的,预先制定的安全协议来降低风险,并与由我们的 全球指挥控制中心派出的司机紧密交流。.

SensiGuard Alert

我们的中级服务,SensiGuard Alert在高风险路段提供实时主动监控 全球指挥控制中心 ,同时会持续发出基于路段偏差和启动/停止事件的事件警报,并提供寻回服务。

SensiGuard Recovery

SensiGuard Recovery 提供对货件盗窃寻回和安全漏洞响应事件的监测。我们的应急小组与当地执法部门联络,协调赃物的寻回。

Security Dashboard

Historical Cargo Threat Data at Your Fingertips!

The Sensitech® Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) now offers access to the industry’s largest global intelligence database. The Security Dashboard is a powerful and secure web-based software platform empowering customers to access Sensitech’s historical global intelligence data on demand in ways that are valuable for their specific business and/or region. This is the same global intelligence data used to publish our monthly and quarterly reports, as well as our renowned Annual Global Threat Assessment. Subscribers can now run customized reports by lane, by region, by product to improve security and logistics decision making.

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Professional Cargo-Security Analysts at Your Disposal!

Our Global Supply Chain Intelligence Team collects data and reports monthly on cargo theft incidents, along with insights into changing risk environments. This knowledge provides our subscribers with actionable information to help them proactively plan processes and procedures to mitigate risks associated with cargo theft. Now—with Sensitech’s Analyst-on-Demand service—these same professional, cargo-security analysts are at your disposal to create custom reports and analyses specific to your business utilizing Sensitech’s intelligence data.

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SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center


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Sensitech monitors almost 15 million shipments annually, equivalent to circumnavigating the globe over 600,000 times each year.